[DNS] Domain dispute heats up

[DNS] Domain dispute heats up

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§snapsite.com.au>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 09:19:52 +1000

So what you're saying then is that the market, thereby consumers, are
secondary to the desires of registrars?  Now that sounds like a really good
business model.

FYI I'm quite happy with the degree of regulation to which I'm subjected.
And my involvement is this debate is because, like it or not, we share the
same client base.  I suggest that if their needs are met, both your business
and mine prosper.  My business certainly depends on them - doesn't yours?

Despite your accolades to the contrary, I actually can't read the minds of
the market.  But I can - and do - listen to my customers, and therefrom
comes my business model.  So here's another one of those "penetrating rays
of sunshine in the darkness of ignorance" - If you want your customers to
buy your product, listen to what they say they want - or don't want - as the
case may be.  It's not a quick buck solution, but it's sure as hell

Your sober, dispassionate and rational response is a model of objectivity
and a real insight into your thinking.  Thank you.

Ron Stark

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: > I fail to see how specious arguments about .com.au or .au, or the
: the only specious argument is that you think you need to be 
: involved in a debate that has an effect on registrar profits. 
: mind your own business.
: > contrivance that somehow auDA is inhibiting market growth, 
: have any weight.
: this is a fact Ron. the only contrivance is you poking your 
: head into other peoples business. its not welcomed.
: > No amount of wishful thinking will magically entice people to buy a 
: > domain name for which they have no use and that adds zero 
: value to their lives.
: thank you for your glorious words of wisdom Ron, its like 
: penetrating rays of sunshine in the darkness of ignorance.
: if as you claim you can read the mind of the market you can 
: have no possible complaint against opening up the space as 
: nobody will buy them anyway. 
: I have a better idea Ron, why dont I lobby government to 
: regulate people selling "self-managed commercial sites" 
: because the market doesnt really need it.
: I dont think we need people like you leeching off the market 
: and making a quick buck. I think we need to regulate you like 
: a hawke, clearly from your mind reading preference you have 
: no concern for your customers, you are probably only looking 
: after your own interests anyway.
: Vic
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