[DNS] Secondary Market

[DNS] Secondary Market

From: Darryl <dassa§dhs.org>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 20:56:49 +1000
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|> > You can read this as to say, No, there are other domain 
|> spaces which 
|> > don't have secondary markets allowed in their policies and 
|> that some 
|> > people disregard the .au policies as they see a secondary 
|> market as a 
|> > means of developing their personal finances.
|> Oh yeah god forbid anyone in this industry making a profit.

Nothing wrong with making a profit, but exploiting markets and doing the wrong
thing isn't the best way to do so.

|> There are a couple of ways to get around this moronic rule, 
|> such as leasing the domain name to another party, or just 
|> register another business name and transfer it when you sell 
|> the business for the value of the domain name.

You sound as if you are proud you are breaking the rules or the spirit of the
rules.  It is people such as yourself that make restrictions necessary.  If
everyone could be counted on to do the right thing there wouldn't be a

|> I have done this in the past and still do it today, and 
|> there is nothing going to stop me, period. Simply because 
|> there are 'real world' laws that prevent one entity from 
|> restricting another entity in this fashion.

I assure you, if you continue to break rules and flaunt regulations then you
will be taken to task over it at some point.  Personally, I'd make a point of
never dealing with any company you are associated with and making sure people
I know will not deal with you.

|> One thing I'd like to know, why has no registrar ever 
|> challenged auDA only appointing 1 registry operator?
|> I have only ever really seen one registrar in this industry 
|> with any sort of balls making waves.
|> > The policy helps to keep the name space available as intended.
|> The internet is a commercial medium now and as such should 
|> be treated as one; the days of Robert Elz, Bob Kummerfeld 
|> and Piers Lauder are gone, past intensions no longer apply.
|> In the next 4-6 years we will see a new breed of lawyer come 
|> to play in the industry as they come out of study, a breed 
|> that is not only knowledgeable in the various laws, but also 
|> knowledgeable in I.T

Or is that lawyers with a williness to represent any business without delving
into the ethics involved?

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 
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