[DNS] Secondary Market

[DNS] Secondary Market

From: Darryl <dassa§dhs.org>
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 00:25:00 +1000
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|> > No, there are some people and I hope in the majority, who 
|> try to make 
|> > it a win/win situation where exploitation and unethical business 
|> > practices don't enter into the equation.
|> When you say unethical, you mean unfair right, because I 
|> don't understand what is unethical about selling the gold 
|> nugget I dug up before you did.

Digging up a physical object is different to thinking of a word.  An object
can be property but a concept is not the same.  If you don't understand the
difference it will take more than a few postings on a list to get it across.
|> > I would take that to mean you would kill another person 
|> and feed them 
|> > up as well if a cow isn't available.  That sort of 
|> thinking is what 
|> > makes having rules and regulations necessary.
|> Yes I would kill and eat another person if it meant 
|> survival, and it was the only thing, however, I'd first look 
|> to the ocean and exploit that first, it's tastier.

There lies a fundamental difference, a lot of people would not, what ever the
survival requirement.

|> Thank god people like me fell out the trees centuries ago 
|> and exploited the planet to make it easier to live within, 
|> so I don't have to kill my own dinner.

Business is like hunting.  What you may hunt is dictated by your ethics.

|> > Some people need protecting from themselves.
|> OK, now I can see why Jon said what he said, that is ****ing 
|> arrogant or immature you pick one, and you need to look for 
|> another game to play, because this one is only going to 
|> disappoint you, or better yet, take all your money.

I make good money out of what I do.  I don't owe anyone anything and own all I
have.  I do alright.

|> > I haven't retired and never intend to.  But then I am not 
|> out to make 
|> > what I can and care about others.
|> So you plan to exploit people in order to make yourself feel 
|> good, and for the rest of your life? 

I don't exploit anyone, nor intend to.  I don't need to.

|> So what makes you different? 

I do the right thing and keep it in mind at all times.  I don't just consider

|> > Your view of what 'real world" rules there are is flawed.
|> > If I took your lead I'd be justified in taking all your money and 
|> > doing whatever I wanted.  All the phishing and scams are 
|> legitimate 
|> > under your logic as it is just taking advantage.  If I can 
|> get your 
|> > banking details out of you by whatever means it allows me to clean 
|> > your account out.
|> Now that is just immature and completely missing the point, 
|> if you actually had read my response without shooting your 
|> mouth off, you would have seen that law is something I'm 
|> emphasising on and that everything I have done is within the 
|> 'real world' laws.

My comment was within the law as you defined it also.  You can not have your
cake and eat it too.  What you want opens up the flood gates so you can't
decide what gets applied to others without it applying to yourself also.

|> Your logic is pathetic and immature.

I consider your's the same.  Others feel the same as me and we are in the
majority at the present time.

|> > No, it isn't na?ve, I know people can't be relied on to do 
|> the right 
|> > thing.
|> > There are far too many people who think like you do.  
|> Which is why we 
|> > have laws, rules and behaviour modifiers.
|> Yes it is, and you have proved that in the above paragraph.

Your comment doesn't make any sense.  You are agreeing with me, glad to see
you can appreciate the logic.

|> Thank god we don't have more people like you, otherwise we'd 
|> have too many sooks and not enough go getters, the country 
|> would be screwed, we would have to import go getters (more 
|> so than now).

Obviously you don't know anything about me, what I do or what I'm involved in.
Suits me, I don't mind surprising the odd people who attempt to argue with me
without doing their research.  Especially when they resort to personal
attacks.  Just goes to show they don't have any real arguments to put forward
and have to rely on attempting to intimidate.
|> Thank god people like you are still falling out of the trees.

I dare say you fell out of tree after me.  Be that as it may.  Out of trees or
from under cabbages, all boils down to the same thing except how we were
raised and what our beliefs are.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 
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