[DNS] Secondary Market

[DNS] Secondary Market

From: Jon Lawrence <jon§jonlawrence.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 13:26:54 +0100

The problem with the ticket scalping analogy is that a ticket can only be
used on one occasion.  

A domain name however can be used by one company for a period of time after
which they may feel that it is no longer core to their requirements.  Rather
than simply letting it expire, however, they may choose to hang on to the
name, having built up value in that name in terms of both brand equity and
also web traffic.  Another company comes along and decides that they would
like that name and approaches the first company with an offer that is accepted.

Is that not a perfectly legitimate business transaction?  Why should that
be proscribed?


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>|> as I have said on numerous occasions, value is a perception 
>|> that is totally subjective.
>There can be objective measurements applied to give a base value.
>|> two people can look at the same thing and come up with 
>|> vastly different valuations based on there own values. thats why we
>|> markets so people can vote with their dollars, rather then having any
>|> perticular viewpoint inflicted on others.
>|> you complained about $40k domains, but if someone is 
>|> spending millions on a product launch then $40k is a drop in the bucket
>they will 
>|> happily pay for the right domain.
>|> what you seem to be lacking is an abillity to get outside 
>|> your viewpoint and see that other have vastly different viewpoints that
>|> just a justifiable as yours.
>|> thats why .au must be a free market and must have a 
>|> secondary market. domains will go to people who value them the most.
>Was just watching something on TV about ticket scalping.  The base value
>the tickets were $47 but someone had managed to get a hold of a hundred
>more and was selling them on ebay for an inflated price.
>It seems the cricket board is going to cancel the tickets and re-issue
>the general public.
>The general opinion would appear to be that ticket scalping is a bad practice
>but there will always be a few around who will pay the inflated price.
>The fact there are some people who get caught paying an inflated price
>justify the practice.
>I don't see opening up the .au namespace at this time as anything but opening
>the way for scalpers to get into the scene heavier than they are now.
>Ticket scalping and domain speculation isn't that much different from what
>can see.  The pool of product is a bit larger in the namespace but that
>about it.  I'm not lumping all domain transfers into that bucket but to
>one thing sometimes means others suffer.
>Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 
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