[DNS] free society Re: Licence Period

[DNS] free society Re: Licence Period

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§snapsite.com.au>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 14:14:51 +1000
Let me throw in an analogy.

Would anybody accept it if the Department of Consumer affairs, or an
accountant acting as their agent, pre-registered for themselves the business
name you might have been after or did a search on, on the premise that it
could be more valuable to them than it is to you?

There would be an uproar, and rightly so.

Equally there would be an outcry were the existing business name
registration process to be de-regulated to allow such "tasting" to occur.

It seems to me that some who advocate the removal of controls are those who
would most benefit from the newly-legal right to abuse their absence.  As
much as I resist regulation, anarchy is definitely not an acceptable

Ron Stark

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: > sorry thats not the way it works in a free society, you dont just 
: > cancel freedoms because some people dont like it. freedoms 
: must remain 
: > unless there is some demonstrable harm.
: >
: You are suggesting that a handful of registrars get an advantage over 
: everyone else, this impacts on my 'freedom' to compete.
: Cheers Tony
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