[DNS] Netbunch / enom

[DNS] Netbunch / enom

From: trent&#167;sos.net.au <(trent§sos.net.au)>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 16:45:29 +1030
Hi Ron,

Two months is too long to wait.

Email me and I'll send Enom a support ticket on your behalf. I've never 
had to wait more than one business day for replies.


Ron Stark wrote:
> I have a client who has a dot-com domain whose registrar is Enom.  The 
> reseller appears to be Netbunch.  No matter what I try I can't seem to 
> get access to a place where I can reset domain locks and recover the 
> domain password, even when I log in as the registrant.  I get nowhere 
> on the Enom site, and nowhere on the Netbunch site.
> I've been sending support tickets to Netbunch for the last 2 months, 
> without even so much as an acknowledgement, let alone response.
> Has anybody had a similar experience with these people and resolved 
> it?  Any advice to help?
> Cheers,
> Ron Stark
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