[DNS] Interesting Article: .au ranks as one of the safest name-spaces in the world.

[DNS] Interesting Article: .au ranks as one of the safest name-spaces in the world.

From: Simon <simon§domainerincome.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 12:30:03 +1100
Hi Everyone,

Given my background in Risk, Security & Fraud Prevention I thought I'd 
chime in. :-)

I've seen this document before; it's an interesting read, but the data 
(in my view) is questionable. While McAfee is very strong when it comes 
to antivirus - malware presents a completely different scenario. Without 
getting into a technical discussion, the reality is that antivirus 
scanners fall short when it comes to identifying and cleaning up malware.

What the document does outline is that "ease of registration" is _one 
factor_ in risk management. Certainly, organised crime and "state 
sponsored activities" are common in countries that don't have strong 
registrant checks. This is also why I support strong controls and their 
associated policies in .au

If you want a "real world" view of the "riskiest countries", take a look 
at https://zeustracker.abuse.ch/statistic.php. This ranks Zeus malware 
by "hosting countries". It counts the number of hosts and files online.

Here are the top hosting countries right now:

1. US
2. Russia *RU
3. Ukraine (UA)
4. Czech Republic (CZ)
5. Moldova, Republic of (MD)

Here are countries by "number of files online"

1. Russian Federation (RU)
2. Ukraine (UA)
3. China (CN)
4. United Kingdom (GB)
5. United States (US)
6. Kazakhstan (KZ)
7. Czech Republic (CZ)
8. Moldova, Republic of (MD)
9. *Australia* (AU)
10. Mexico (MX)

Note that Australia currently ranks in 9th place (in terms of highest 
risk). Obviously this changes over time, depending on infection rates. 
This 9th place for Australia is only because of one particular infection 
in .au. The point being its difficult to gather enough "statistically 
relevant" data in the first instance.

In summary, registrant checks are one _very small_ part of the equation. 
An unpatched webserver can just as easily drive up the numbers.

I hope this helps give you a different perspective.

Kind regards,

Simon Johnson
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On 27/10/2010 11:46 AM, Brett Fenton wrote:
> It is George, but you need to be careful in simply drawing the conclusion
> domain policy=security.
> For example NZ rated as marginally more secure, and they have a completely
> open domain policy ie the same as .com, or I could pick out say .ie which has
> an open second level but criteria around domain use, or Germany (.de) which is
> rated marginally less secure.
> I'd argue having a strong regulator participating in all levels of the space
> would have more to do with the ranking than the existing policy. Wait did I
> just say something good about auDA?
> Regards,
> Brett
>> Given that the current Names Panel is reviewing .au policy, this article is
>> quite topical. http://us.mcafee.com/en-us/local/docs/Mapping_Mal_Web.pdf
>> .au ranks amongst the safest in the world.
>> Best Regards,
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