Re: Cool it - was Re: DNS: [Oz-ISP] Social Engineering and 2LDs]

Re: Cool it - was Re: DNS: [Oz-ISP] Social Engineering and 2LDs]

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 13:46:34 +1000
>> Attack the MAN not the Ball.  Wasn't that the IAHC motto?
>  Unfortunatly, yes it was and still is on the gTLD-Discuss list, and the
>APNIC-Talk list as well.  Jim Flemming was banned unjustifiably in
>many folks opinions.  Sensorship in any of its forms is a bad thing.

I gave up on the gTLD discussion list, there was far too much knit picking
and far too little discussion about GLTD's.

I'm not had time to catch up on my APNIC-Talk yet.  Jim brought his matter
to my attention.  I'm putting together a comment on this.

>> Jim might "rant" sometimes, but he has his belife and I see nothing
>> illogical or harmful, if anything, very EYE OPENING.
>  At least he porvides a diffrent point of view at times.  It seems that
>openess is not somthing that is adaquatly encouraged on some lists.

Yes he does. Often so well researched it's indisputable.  That's why you
can't afford to NOT read Jim Flemming.  You might not like or agree with
the comments, but they are, to date totally founded.

Guess my supporting IPv8 is some indication I agree with some of his
strategies :)
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