[DNS] Australia registers more .au than .com domains

[DNS] Australia registers more .au than .com domains

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Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 16:40:09 +1000
If you really think that adding the word coke to a domain will help 
promote your business in search engines, why don't you create a coke 
sub-domain for your own domain? - i.e. coke.snapsite.com.au  - you 
already have the power to do this or to abuse any other brand names you 
like in the same way.

Regardless, I fail to see how a bank or a plumber could be eligible to 
use the word coke in an industry specific domain name, given that coke 
has nothing to do with those industries.

As for the bank.com.au and banks.com.au example you provided, under an 
industry specific domain model this abuse could not occur, as has been 
stated many times, only legitimate banks could use .bank.au. It seems 
that your own examples are showing the benefits industry specific 
domains would provide.

Ron Stark wrote:
> So use "IT" as an example.  Or "trades", "business" or any of a 
> multitude of others that aren't specifically covered by legislation.  
> My point is that under the current rules, a close or substantial 
> connection is sufficient qualification.  I don't need a trademark, and 
> I don't need a registered business - an ABN will suffice.  Is it 
> perhaps suggested that each different 2LD has a unique set of rules 
> and policies?  Or is it proposed to modify the existing rules?
> I can see it all now.  The clarity of www.it.trades.au 
> <http://www.it.trades.au> and www.trades.it.au 
> <http://www.trades.it.au>, to go along with www.ittrades.com.au 
> <http://www.ittrades.com.au> and www.tradesit.com.au 
> <http://www.tradesit.com.au>.
> The notion that the term "bank" is covered by legislation is farcical, 
> given that bank.com.au is registered to Internet Product Sales and 
> Services Pty Ltd, banks.com.au is owned by Aussie Destinations (1) Pty 
> Ltd, both of which resolve to the same website.
> The argument was put forward that coke, for example, would prefer to 
> use coke.com.  Using the argument that the registrant must be 
> operating within the industry, then a bank who wants to increase their 
> visibility in search engines could rightfully register coke.bank.au, a 
> plumber coke.plumbers.au, whilst Coca Cola would be denied that right.
> Wow!  There's a great brand enhancement strategy.
> I fail to see how simply contriving additional 2LDs resolves minor 
> problems that now exist.  Instead, I can see it introducing more 
> problems of greater magnitude and complexity.
> Ron Stark
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>     A self managed super fund is not a bank, I would have thought that
>     was pretty obvious.
>     In a similar manner a podcast does not make you a radio station
>     (.radio.au), uploading youtube viedos does not make you a tv
>     station (.tv.au), etc.
>     If you're not legitimately in the industry, you wouldn't be
>     eligible to register the domain name, just like you can't register
>     .gov.au or .edu.au
>     Ron Stark wrote:
>>     OK.  So IBM, BP, Price Waterhouse Coopers and little old me run a
>>     credit union for my staff.  Woo Hoo - I can register
>>     snapsite.bank, then.
>>     Josh (sorry Josh :-)) possibly runs his own self-managed super
>>     fund.  So he gets josh.bank.au.  Real clear and easy to
>>     administer ...........
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>>         domains
>>         I totally agree with Edwin.
>>         Further to this, I have always said that with industry
>>         specific domains, you must be within that industry. Therefore
>>         only a bank could register a domain using the .bank.au extension.
>>         This already applies for domain extensions such as .gov.au
>>         and .edu.au, so this concept is nothing new. In effect, the
>>         .gov.au and .edu.au domains are examples of industry specific
>>         domains. Do you see any untoward activities in these
>>         namespaces? Any phising? Any cyber-squatting or domain
>>         speculation?
>>         As for conflicts, there's would be far fewer as it is limited
>>         to each industry. For example only plumbers of the name Joe
>>         would be interested in joes.plumbing.au whereas every Joe
>>         from every industry would be interested in joe.com.au.
>>         Edwin Groothuis wrote:
>>>         On Sat, Jun 30, 2007 at 04:52:13PM +1000, Ron Stark wrote:
>>>>         I can think of a mere handful of bank.au domains - anz, cba, commonwealth,
>>>>         qld, westpac, boq, queensland, suncorp, bendigo, city, citi and so on.  Then
>>>         Plus hundreds of credit unions?
>>>>         come the grey areas over which disputes would inevitably arise from each of
>>>>         the competing "legitimate" registrants:  lending.bank.au, finance.bank.au,
>>>>         cheap.bank.au, friendly.bank.au, local.bank.au, regional.bank.au,
>>>>         credit.bank.au, community.bank.au, farmers.bank.au, your.bank.au,
>>>>         online.bank.au, internet.bank.au and a whole lot of others.
>>>         The policy of the bank.com.au, just like the policy of the .museum
>>>         and .areo, will probably prevent you (and everybody else) from
>>>         regestrering them.
>>>>         But wait ... there's more!  I do newsletters for a certain bank as part of
>>>>         my business.  I then qualify to register newsletter.bank.au, because there's
>>>>         already a close or substantial connection.  I also resell domain names
>>>>         therefore I qualify for domains.bank.au.  Oh - websites, too, which gives me
>>>         These too.
>>>         Edwin
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