[DNS] Should this list continue to exist?

[DNS] Should this list continue to exist?

From: Darren Worley <darren>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 10:34:53 +1100
G'day Kim, 

...just like to say _THANK YOU_ for your contribution to the industry over
the years. :)
We lost Khoo's old aussieisp list, and I would be sad to see this original
low-noise list go as well... (No one complaining of off-topic sysadmin posts
The Domain News updates are I think what keeps this list going, and are also
a great contribution, Thanks goes to you as well David ! :)

+1 to keep.


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Quoting Rod Keys on Wednesday March 26, 2014:
| Maybe Auda could host it for historical reasons?

To be clear, I have no problem continuing to host it for the foreseeable
future, or if it was wound up, keeping the archive of historical posts

I pose the question not because of cost concerns, more a case of
rationalisation (i.e. having one less thing for all of us to worry
about) if there was general consensus that the list has outlived its

In auDA's early years there was a discussion to transfer stewardship of the
list to them. It seemed like a logical home to me. auDA's position was that
they didn't want the liability of hosting such a forum and therefore it
should be kept at arm's length.

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